Hits from the Bung

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Hits from the Bung

Bier: Hits from the Bung
Alcoholpercentage: 8%
IBU: 34.2
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Servering: Blik, Wisselfles


Bourbon Barrel Aged Sour Barley

Your mischievous brewer has done something naughty and placed a leftover batch of a barrel aged beer into empty bourbon barrels. We “accidentally” forgot about it, and now, 2.5 years later, it’s time to extract the beer from those big boys. By dry-hopping it with lapsang souchong, the beer will acquire a delightful smoky flavor, accompanied by the pleasant bitterness of smoked tea. The name, of course, is a playful twist on Cypress Hill’s famous hit, “Hits from the Bong.” If you know, you know. Cheers!