Battle Royale

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Battle Royale

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Bier: Battle Royale
Alcoholpercentage: 10%
IBU: Onbekend
Smaakprofiel: , , ,
Servering: Tap, Wisseltap


Elke maand hebben we een nieuwe Kompaan Battle Royale op de wisseltap.

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We’re back in our hopped-up ‘galaxy’ far faraway, where hop varieties PHANTASM and MOSAIC are engaged In an epic struggle. The almost unreal quality of Phantasm makes it hard to grasp, while Mosaic remains the timeless hoppy veteran. Of course, GALAXY is hanging around everything that’s about hoppy affairs. And looming in the depths of the galaxy is YCH-303, a nameless descendant from the Phantasm dynasty. Their battle for supremacy in this DOUBLE IPA (triple;)) mirrors the timeless duel between the light and dark sides of the brewery. Which side are you on? Cheers!